June 23, 2011

Waiting for the Inundation

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In the Kemetic calendar, we’re currently in the third season, Shomu, the time of greatest heat and dryness. Only a little over a month remains until the turning of the year and the beginning of the season of Inundation, but for that time the chaotic energy of the year’s end holds sway. Here in the northeastern United States, the heat of summer has already begun, though it’s a humid heat for the most part, not the parched and desiccated barrenness of Egypt in the centuries before the great dam ended the river’s seasonal rise and retreat.

Already I’m longing for the time of flood, for the changing of the year, the fire of autumn leaves as the Goddess goes south to the land of gold. I’m longing for the breath of transformation, like the perfume of lotuses rising from living pools. I love the early summer well enough, but not the dragging, sweltering days in the middle of the season. And even though this year has been relatively cool and rainy so far, I feel as though I’m laboring to renew an inner life that has been sere of late — trying to nurture my seedlings through a difficult period. Maybe when the waters rise I’ll feel that renewal in my heart, and the gardens that I want to plant in my life will prosper in their time.

Dua Sekhet, Lady of the Fens, You who awaken to Hapy’s touch — hail and praise to You! May I live; may You give me life!

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