August 6, 2013

Home from Retreat

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The clouds came in at some point today. I didn’t notice it, but the sky turned from the morning’s horizon-spanning clear blue to soft white quilting.

I’m back from the House of Netjer’s annual Wep Ronpet Retreat, a celebration of the Kemetic new year. As always, it was an amazing experience, and this year one that I sorely needed. I had burned myself out on work, freelance work, and assorted stress to the point where, for at least the past month, and probably longer, whenever I tried to reach out to Bast, I just felt a raw, empty hole where my heart should be. But from the beginning of the first event, the pre-Retreat priest training session, that hole was filled with calm and peace, and that connection was restored.

Now I’m back in New Jersey, and back to my job, and I have to try to keep that hole from being gouged out again. I’d already decided some weeks back that this was going to be a relax-o-year, which…may not pan out in a year dedicated to Heru-sa-Aset, but we’ll see. I’m already having an attack of “Projects! Whee!” so I think I need to sit down soon and set some boundaries and some intent for how best to use my time before things spin out of control.

And now the sky has darkened — looks of rain. Almost time to head home and sort out my evening.

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