March 1, 2014

Bast festivals of IV Peret

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Kissing the ground before Ra and the Eye of Ra:
Hail to You, great ones, who shine in the heavens!
May You be kind to me, may You love me,
may You embrace me in the course of every day.

Today marks the beginning of the fourth and last month of the season of Peret (Growing), and it’s also the beginning of a whole clutch of Bast festivals. Today through March 4 is the Feast of Ra and the Eye of Ra; March 4 is also the much-beloved Day of Chewing Onions for Bast; and March 5 is a Boat Procession of Bast. Add to that the fact that I’m having my annual Onion Day get-together for local House of Netjer members next weekend, and it’ll be a very busy week.

Today I made many offerings: a new candle, lotus incense, and a sun-dried tomato bagel in the morning; flowers at noon; a steak dinner and jewelry (new bracelets and anklets) in the evening; and mint-chocolate-chip cookies for dessert. Tomorrow I plan to work on some heka crafts, and also to go outside and spend some time under Ra’s sky before the oncoming snow storm buries us again.

On Tuesday, Onion Day, I’m planning to offer my “Eye of Ra salad”: greens, onions, oranges, feta cheese, and either chicken or duck. (I had this at a restaurant once, and realized that it was in fact the perfect salad for Her.)

On Tuesday, I’m also expecting to receive my new bronze state shrine icon, which was finished and shipped out last week — synchronistic timing!

Wednesday through Friday I’m taking off work in order to thoroughly spring clean the house before the Onion Day get-together. (Wednesday I’ll probably do something to mark the Boat Procession, though I don’t yet know what.)

And then on Saturday: fellowship, shrine-building and offerings, heka, and a big old bloomin’ onion.

What a week! Dua Ra! Dua Bast!


Daisies — day’s eyes — for Ra and the Eye of Ra.

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  1. Soli said,

    March 3, 2014 at 7:04 am

    Oh yes, that salad. Mmmm. That would be nice with a pate appetizer too, I imagine.

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