February 5, 2015

On the Day When the Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu

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Today was the festival known as The Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu. In Kemetic Orthodoxy, it’s a time to contemplate the vows that we’ve taken (or that we might be considering taking). To celebrate the festival, this evening I performed a small ritual of reading my vows, making offerings, and singing songs.

Tonight was also the night that I reopened my State shrine after nearly a year of hiatus. It felt like an auspicious night for it, since my shrine is after all named for the Eye of Ra (“The Eye of Ra Watches over Them”); and it also served to underscore the importance of the service that I’ve pledged myself to. So here I am, back again, renewed in Zep Tepi, ready to do my Mother’s work once more.

Shrine for the festival The Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu
Shrine for the Eye of Ra

Dua Eye of Ra! Nekhtet!

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