August 14, 2010

Cats, I’ll dance

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So I was in shrine early this morning, planning out my day, recounting how I was going to do this, that, and the other thing.

…and dance, said the little voice in the back of my mind.

Mrrr, I thought, but I already have a lot to do, and it’s a long way to go to get a class, and I don’t feel like dancing by myself in my room…. As the resistance was kicking in, my eyes fell upon an object in my shrine, a six-sided die with a picture of a cat on the one-pip side, which had been given to me by one of my Bast-sisters at Retreat, along with the message “You need more Bast in your life.”

“Cats, I’ll dance,” I said, and rolled the die.


Did I really expect any other answer?

So I went to the Saturday morning Nia class — which, it turns out, was actually just what I needed — and danced in celebration of balance to honor the Lady of Grace.

(And I’ve only just realized tonight, after the fact, that at the prayer chat on Tuesday I had prayed “that there be more dancing.”)

Dua Bast, You Who sometimes works in mysterious and whimsical ways! Nekhtet!

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