October 3, 2010

The Gods in glory

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Sunset Super-8 motel

As I was leaving the gym one evening last week, just getting back to my exercise habit after letting it lapse for most of the summer, the sky was an extraordinary spectacle, as if the Gods themselves were in procession, slow-moving sails of cloud-veil against a backdrop of palest blue and gold. And as I drove home, the glory of the sky only deepened and intensified: darkening bands of rose, orange, and purple as the sun sank into the West and night began to spread over the land. Such awe-inspiring beauty that I could only stare in utter delight, trying to drive and drink it all in at the same time.

In the uplift of the endorphin high and the satisfaction of finally overcoming my inertia, it was as if the Gods were rejoicing along with me. And indeed, perhaps they were.

Dua Atum, resplendent at the close of day, lord of satisfaction! You are at peace, you are at peace; may I too be at peace.

Photo of the Super 8 Motel (formerly owned by the Ivory Tower Motor Inn chain) and Route 202 overpass against the sunset sky, taken from my car while trying to pull out into the Somerville Circle — which I definitely don’t recommend and don’t plan to do again.

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