October 7, 2010

Driving the river road

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Today was such a beautiful day, I decided to take the back way home. I love that moment when I make the turn from the main road, and suddenly the sky opens up wide above the trees and the roadside weeds. The clouds sit seemingly motionless, suspended in the sky, like some perfect cloud-tableau. I can imagine how they might feel underneath my hands, cool, silken-wet, evanescent, and I’m a little bit high, driving with my head in the clouds, or the clouds in my head. All the traffic falls away before and behind me, and there’s just me and the road as it bends with the winding river, pale sunlight streaking the pavement, falling in between the trees, the floodplain grasses rippling delicately, shimmering, and the sky almost too real overhead.

Someday peak oil, or old age, or any of a hundred other changes in life circumstances may make this drive unthinkable, a dream of a vanished past. But in the moment, none of that matters — only the light and the movement and the ecstasy of the endless reaches of the air. And maybe in some way that moment, remembered, will live forever — somewhere in djet, eternal time, I’ll forever be taking that curve toward the river under the brilliant sky of an autumn afternoon.

O Heru, You of the restored Eye, may You spread Your cloud-painted wings out over us. May we live in freedom and wholeness, forever and ever.

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