January 2, 2011

Making dreams

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I’m not making resolutions this year. I’m making dreams.

    I dream myself taking a purifying ritual bath in my beautiful redone bathroom. Surrounded by the green and gold of a desert oasis, candles burn and fragrant waters murmur as I tend to both body and soul.

    I dream myself deepening my connections to my Gods and to my community, to family and to friends both old and new.

    I dream myself outdoors, breathing in the clear, fresh air, under the wide open sky.

    I dream myself healthy, active, alert, and energized.

    I dream myself sitting down to write with confidence and regularity.

    I dream myself turning away from the Internet as a source of fulfillment and distraction, in favor of creative work and real, tangible joys.

O Netjer, may these words become! Nekhtet!

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