February 1, 2012

Admin: Various site updates

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Since I’m being fairly active here (nekhtet!), I figured I’d post an update on some of my activity elsewhere:

    I hadn’t gotten around to saying so here, but I did get reconfirmed as a W’ab priest, and I’ve been back in service since the beginning of this (secular) year. So my shrine log, The Book of Nekhen Saut-sen Iryt Ra, is back in operation. Since it basically consists of what I offer each day and random (or not so random) impressions, it’s likely not of much interest to anyone else. But you never know.

    I’ve posted a bunch of new songs to Songs for the Netjeru — well, some of them are actually new, and some are older songs where I’m finally relatively satisfied with the recordings. I’ve also added an updates page, so now it’s actually possible to tell what’s been added recently.

    I’ve created a Tumblr, KemeticFindings, which is going to be taking over from my old Friday Findings posts on this blog. At the moment it’s pretty much all Bast; that will probably stay the main focus, but I expect to be including other things of interest as well.


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