March 9, 2012

E is for Egypt

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For the Pagan Blog Project. Click the photos for larger images.


Black Land and Red Land

Where the Black Land meets the Red…


View of Cairo with pyramids

…where the ancient lives beside the modern…


Herons at Philae

…where the bennu still stands upon the sacred mound before taking flight above the waters…


Aswan moon and palms

…and the restored Eye of Heru waxes in the evening sky…


Hethert and mountain

…where the stone serpents of the mountain rear up in echo of the uraeus…


Lion goddess at Luxor

…where the Lion Goddess, the Lady of the Flame, walks the night…


Nile at twilight

…and the great river rolls on in His beauty and majesty forever….


Hail to you, Egypt, beloved home of the Netjeru! Though I may be far away, you live in my heart.



Cat at Philae

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