April 8, 2012

F is for Fedw

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For the Pagan Blog Project:

I was thinking of writing about festivals for this letter, but I have both too much and too little to say about that at the moment. And after the last F post, I think I want to do something relatively uncomplicated. So I’m going to write about Fedw.

Fedw is a divination system created for Kemetic Orthodoxy by the Nisut, derived from Kemetic and Ifa traditions. The word Fedw means “four,” and the oracle is usually cast using four sticks. (Zaer, a member of the House, has created an alternative: a set of four specially painted dice.)

I love Fedw. I love the concept; I love the ritual and the tactile experience of handling and tossing the sticks; I particularly love my own set of sticks (stained to match my shrine cabinet).

Unfortunately, Bast doesn’t share my sentiments.

I say unfortunately, because the Fedw are almost entirely used to receive answers from one’s Parent deity. They can also be used for the Akhu, and some people use them to ask questions of their Beloveds, but mainly they’re a hotline to one’s Parent(s). However, when it comes to me using Fedw with Bast, Her reaction tends to be dismissive at best.

Pfft. Those sticks. You talk to me.

Apparently She wants me to rely on my intuition instead, which is a little daunting but I suppose is good practice. She also may not like the Fedw because it mainly gives very simple, yes-no answers — not enough subtlety for Her. And I’ve heard it said that “Bast doesn’t prophesize,” which makes sense, given how invested She is in the present moment. So three strikes against the Fedw.

That said, I’ve had some success with prosaic questions like “Is it okay to use this polyurethane sealer on Your shrine cabinet?” (No, in case you were wondering.) And She’s sometimes slightly less finicky about me using the sticks to divine for other people. So I get at least a little use out of them!

Hail to You Bast, in all Your mysterious ways.


  1. Aubs Tea said,

    April 9, 2012 at 8:26 am

    My lady isn’t fond of divination for communication either. “I’m right here,” she says. “You ask me and not those cards.”

  2. Shefyt said,

    April 9, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Bast actually seems to like oracle cards marginally better than the Fedw; probably because there’s more room for interpretation. Also, pretty pictures. But yes, She’d rather we sit together and have a conversation.

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