September 13, 2012

G is for getting things done

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I am so very far behind on the Pagan Blog Project, so it’s either appropriate or laughable that I’m picking back up with this topic. But this is my mission at the moment. I’ve been very passive in recent months, just lying back and letting various things go, and whatever happened, happened. Rest is good, and I needed some rest, but I took things a little too far in the opposite direction, and now I need to get back to a middle point — not succumbing to overwhelm and then beating myself up for failing to accomplish everything I want to, but not turning into a bump on a log either.

As I noted in my PBP entry on the eye, the Kemetic word for “eye” is also a pun with the verb that means, among other things, “to do.” So the multitude of Eye Goddesses, the Eyes of Ra, are The Ones Who Get Stuff Done. And as Bast’s daughter and Her Eye in this world, I need to embody that quality as well, if I’m to do Her work.

As part of my current refocusing, I’ve made a list of what belongs in my life — only those things that cultivate Bast’s presence — and also a list of what does not belong. A list of Things to Do and Things Not to Do. And the Things to Do are so varied and beautiful, so satisfying, that I have to wonder why I spend so much time on the things on the Not to Do list. But I think I’m getting better — there’s been a flowering of effort in a number of areas on my To Do list, both practical and spiritual, and work on my goals for the month has been moving forward nicely. Now I just have to keep up this momentum!

Hail to You, Eye of Ra, effective in Your flame! For all of our accomplishments — nekhtet!

(And I just noticed that I had already done two posts for “G.” Whoops! Oh well, I’ve already written it, so here’s another.)

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