March 26, 2013

So much God….

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Busy, busy week of Godstuff. Yesterday and today I’m celebrating the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis; last night was taken up by a ritual I wrote for Him, which resulted with me spending about two hours in the shrine room talking to Set (or talking at Him, at least), singing songs, making a somewhat laughable attempt at drumming, drinking more alcohol than I’ve ever had at one go (which is, er, half a short tumbler of White Russian — I loathe the taste of most alcoholic drinks and so never have more than a sip, but this was pretty good), and generally doing entertaining human stuff. Set seemed to take it well; at any rate, He seemed very mellow and rather amused. Tonight is the feast part of the Feast: barbecued pork ribs and salad. Yum.

I’m also trying to write a mystical short story about Mut for the journal that the House is putting out in connection with its “Queens’ Weekend” celebration later this spring. This doesn’t jibe so well with the Set business, but at least I’ve started it, and hopefully will be able to eke it out later this week.

And then this Sunday has four separate things that I want to celebrate: my modern-day Feast of Wenut, for which I’m gleefully appropriating Easter; an acknowledgment of the first day of a new Kemetic month (I Shomu); “Sunset Prayers and Feasts for All the Gods”; and a special Bast…thing. (Unlike the Set ritual, which I’ve perhaps been a little too eager to prematurely share, this one needs to stay under wraps until I’ve actually done it.) I have the general idea of what these are all going to be about, but I need to concretize ahead of time what I’m actually going to do. So there’s planning and writing that needs to be done.

Next week is kind of busy too, actually, with a four-day Feast of Amun-Ra (who I really need to give more attention to), another Bast thing, and the Sixth-Day Festival. And then I can fall over the following week.

It’s good, though. I’m sure a lot of people out there in the world would totally not understand spending a couple of hours sitting in a room by oneself in the company of a God statue, but hopefully some of my readers here do. In any case, it was definitely worth doing.

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