March 27, 2013

Ritual for the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis

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Notes and references follow the ritual. For copyright reasons, placeholder text is used for the incense-lighting prayer; if you don’t have access to the source text, use your own preferred prayer.

Advance warnings: This ritual is based on northern hemisphere seasons and is very UPG. Also includes sexual symbolism.


Ritual for the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis

Day One, The Pacification of Set

Establish two shrines, one for libations and one for Set.

Prepare the “milk of Bast.”* One portion is to be in a glass for offering; the rest in a bowl, with a small red taper candle standing in the center. The milk should be deep enough that the candle flame will eventually be submerged as it burns down.

Make the four-fold libation, as in Senut.

Upon the shrine of Set, light flame and incense.
[Lighting incense prayer from Siuda, p. 22]

Light the red candle in the bowl of milk.

Reading: The Pacification of Set
[see separate file]

Words to be spoken while offering the milk of Bast.
Here is Your milk, O Set!
Here is Your sweetness, O Red One!
The Lady of Per-Bast has come to You
in Her name of Mistress of Joy.

Song: Lord of the Northern Sky
     Lord of the Northern Sky,
     wearing the crown of winter,
     far to the south Ra’s Eye
     is walking the road in Her season,
     bringing the summer,
     bringing the sun’s light.

     When will You cease Your raging,
     soldier of many battles,
     where is the end of fighting
     when everything has been forgotten
     except for the struggle,
     the thunder and iron.

     Look, here She comes, the Mistress of Joy,
     bringing You sweetness, bringing You love.
     Look, here She comes, Her hands full of pleasure.
     Taste Her milk, close Your eyes.

     Lord of the Northern Sky
     for whom the whole world trembles,
     let go the snow and ice,
     lay down Your mighty scepter.
     Lord of the Northern Sky,
     dream of a desert wind.
     Lie down and sleep for a while
     until the new day.

     And when You waken
     a thousand flowers bloom.

Spend time in celebration while partaking of the offering.

Words to be spoken when the red candle has been extinguished.
You are pacified, O Set, Lord of Thunder!
You are pacified, O Set, Great of Strength!
May You look upon us with kindness when You awaken,
satisfied like Hethert on the field of Iunu.

Lay the image of Set down upon His back on the shrine.

To be whispered.
Dua Set!

Remove spent offerings but keep the shrine up until the next day.


*The Milk of Bast (White Russian recipe)
2 oz vodka
1 oz coffee liqueur
light cream
Pour vodka and coffee liqueur over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Fill with light cream and serve. (Note: You may need to increase the amounts depending on the size of your bowl.)

Ritual for the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis
Day Two, The Day of Feasting

Place flowers upon the shrine; present an offering meal; sing songs and give praises; ask Set for an oracle.

Dua Set!




This is one of the festivals that I’ve celebrated most consistently over the last few years, but this is the first year I wrote up and performed a detailed ritual for it. My take on the festival is that it marks the end of the winter storms in my area and thus is a time to honor Set, to thank Him for sparing us from His wrath in the previous season, and to celebrate the changing weather and emerging flowers. (See some previous thoughts on the subject.) This year I further elaborated on it by bringing Bast into the mix to help explain Set’s mellowing mood; the result is the modern myth of “The Pacification of Set,” inspired by a line from Borghouts. (See the story itself for more details.)

I did not in fact ask for an oracle from Set on the second evening; I was really tired, and it slipped my mind. I did, however, “wassail” my early-spring-flowering trees and shrubs with the leftover “milk” from the bowl, with the words, “The Lord of Thunder is pacified. He comes to you as the Lord of the Oasis.”

(See pictures of the festivities!)

Edited to add: I was lucky enough to have a couple of volunteers to help “beta-test” this ritual, and Saryt has posted her experience here!


Borghouts, J. F, trans. 1978. Ancient Egyptian Magical Texts. Leiden: E. J. Brill. Google Books preview:

Siuda, Tamara L. 2009. The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook. New Lenox, IL: Stargazer Design.

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