August 13, 2013

The Festival of Stars: Ten Days for Nut

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I had some inspiration while I was poring over old House of Netjer calendars in order to prioritize festivals and create my own personal calendar of celebrations. I discovered that there was a Feast of Nut on I Akhet 4 (the fourth day of the first month of Inundation) and on I Akhet 13. The two together bracket ten days, which is a Kemetic week. In addition, if you count from the birth of Nebt-het on the fifth of the Epagomenal Days, the latter feast would have taken place at approximately the same time that a woman would have emerged from her post-birthgiving confinement and introduced her child to the community. So I thought it seemed appropriate to declare the Festival of Stars: Ten Days for Nut, a festival honoring Nut as the Mother of the Gods.

To that end, I’ve been doing a brief daily ritual with offerings for Her, as well as starting a discussion on the House of Netjer boards and running an online ritual chat. So far the response has been gratifyingly enthusiastic. As an interesting synchronicity, the Perseid meteor shower coincides with this festival, and some people have been able to get out late at night and watch the shooting stars as part of their celebration. Sadly, the weather has been too overcast here.

Here are my shrines from the festival. (Unfortunately, the lighting in my shrine room is really not conducive to great pictures.)

First I did a brief ritual to honor Djehuty for His assistance to Nut. In myth, Djehuty won the extra five Days upon the Year by gambling with the moon god (Iah or Khonsu) so that Nut would be able to bear Her children.

Here’s the Nut shrine itself. The cookies that you can see just behind the round alabaster candle holder are Biscotti Pan di Stelle, a fortuitous find at the local ShopRite. (I did not realize until after I’d taken the picture that Her cow holiday ornament is doing a header into the blue vase in the background.)

A view that shows the shrine image.

Dua Nut — nekhtet!


  1. Edward Butler said,

    August 15, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Very nice ritual crafting there, I always like to see this sort of creative use of the primary materials.

  2. Shefyt said,

    August 15, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you! ^_^

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