January 4, 2014

Held in the heart of my Mother

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Writing today, and the Rite, and I came out of the shrine room floating on the squee of my Mother’s love, despite the fact that I hadn’t quite been able to get all of the story babble out of my mind. She understands.

I went to put my jewelry back on, and accidentally (or not) picked up the bracelet that signifies my shrine service to me, along with my Shemsu-Ankh scarab necklace. I haven’t been wearing the bracelet lately, on account of feeling that my service wasn’t all it should be, but in my giddiness I thought, yes, today it seems appropriate, especially since it sort of presented itself to me. I put the scarab necklace down while I put on the bracelet and then my silver pendants. And when I went to pick up the scarab again, and I saw how I’d randomly (or not) put down the necklace. In the shape of a heart.

Hail to You my Mother, Mistress of Joy.

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