About the Weblog

Welcome in peace!

Gold of the Valley, Lapis of the River is the weblog of a longtime spiritual seeker — although nowadays I think I’ve finally become more of a finder. My tradition is Kemetic Orthodoxy, a modern-day revival of ancient Egyptian religion. Past influences on the journey have included Feri, Reclaiming, eclectic and neo-Wicca, Goddess Spirituality, and various threads of Taoism, Shinto, Buddhism, mystical Christianity, and Sufism, but at present I’m firmly on the Kemetic path. I’m a daughter of Bast and a Shemsut-Ankh and W’ab priest of the House of Netjer, on behalf of which I maintain a state shrine for my Mother, Nekhen Saut-sen Iryt Ra (“The Eye of Ra Watches over Them” Shrine). See the Glossary and FAQ for more information about the above terms. My religious name in Kemetic Orthodoxy is Shefytbast, although in some places I also go by Lapis. I’m an editor and writer, owned by cats, somewhat fluffy and easily distractible, and — ooh, shiny!

This blog is and will be a process rather than a closely defined thing, but you can definitely expect to see writings on Kemetic religion and possibly some other forms of spirituality as well, specifically as filtered through the particular, lived existence of a priest of Bast who worships and practices in a certain corner of New Jersey in the twenty-first century.

A disclaimer: This blog has no formal connection with the House of Netjer or the religion of Kemetic Orthodoxy, aside from the fact that I belong to one and practice the other. It’s not an official mouthpiece of the faith; nor should anything that’s posted here be construed as being the final word on Kemetic Orthodox beliefs, practices, or teachings. I know some stuff; I get some stuff wrong; I find out better answers and learn from my mistakes. It’s all a work in progress. If you really want to know what this religion is about, read their site and/or take their beginners course. 

With that out of the way, I hope that you enjoy your time here. I do value readers’ comments and will try to respond to as many as possible, but often I don’t know what to say until days have gone by, if even then. In the absence of a reply, please assume that I’ve listened closely, smiled, and nodded.

Be well,

Natalie (Shefytbast) Baan

(updated 12/28/11)