March 17, 2013

Onion Day 2013

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It’s been a couple of weeks since our get-together for the Day of Chewing Onions for Bast, so I figured I was overdue to post a few photographs, for anyone who might be curious.

The first step in the festivities was adorning the house jackal with green ribbons.

He got an offering too.

Bast, of course, got many more offerings. It being Her day and all.

We created “onions” — notecards with onions drawn on the outside and a list of things to purge from our lives on the inside — to be given to Bast for Her to devour.

We also wrote prayers on green ribbons, which would later be tied to Her statue.

Prayers and offerings finished, we burned the “onions,” delivering them up to Bast.

My queen cat, Meera, watches the goings on.

A demonstration of my new Bast oracle followed.

Afterward, we carried Bast’s statue in procession to the back garden.

Sobeq offers incense and Mose pours water.

Bast, adorned with all our prayers.

Dua Bast!

*Not shown: the eating of the Bloomin’ Onion.

(Thanks to Imti for taking all the photos!)

January 25, 2013

Breaking silence

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No posts for a while, but all is well. I’ve been doing both Senut and the State Rite daily, and I’ve been making an effort toward connecting with my Beloveds, Nut and Amun-Ra, who were being somewhat neglected as I focused exclusively on Bast and Her Arrows. Last weekend I was commissioned to do several divinations using the Wepwawet Stone Oracle, and I led an Eye of Heru heka ritual chat for the House. This week I’m experimenting with doing Senut for the Seven Arrows, one each day, and it’s been very interesting. (I’m nearly done — tomorrow is the last day — so a post about the experience may well follow.) The Gods seem pleased with all the activity.

In exciting news, I just inherited ownership of the website, long a go-to online reference for information on Bast. I’m very honored to be the current holder of this legacy (and many thanks to C. Tidball, who has been maintaining the site for the last few years). The historical essay by S. D. Cass will of course remain unchanged, but I may be adding some additional information to the site at some point. At the moment, there are issues preventing the navigation bars from appearing, but hopefully that will be resolved sometime this weekend.

My oldest cat, Meera, who is rising fifteen this year, went to the vet for severely watering eyes. While she was there, they attempted to draw some blood for testing, since she had lost a substantial amount of weight, and in the wrangle she managed to break a claw. So she had to go back a few days later to be anesthetized so they could fix it. While she was under, they also cleaned her teeth, which have been an issue for her in the past, and they had to extract one that was diseased. So right now she has a boo-boo foot and a boo-boo mouth and is confined to my bedroom for her convalescence. She’s almost forgiven me, though. On the plus side, her blood work turned out perfect. No kidney disease — nekhtet!

I’ve been vaguely tracking the recent outbursts of blogland drama, but to be honest I don’t really have anything to say. I’ll just be over here, doing my thing.

November 15, 2012

Protection from the storm

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A prayer to Set before Superstorm Sandy:

Dua Set, great of thunder!
Hail to You, noble Lord of Storms!
May You shelter us under Your arm.
O Set, think of the kittens!
May You protect us today and every day.



Yes, I actually did this. What can I say? Inspiration or ridiculousness — in any case, we came through the storm with nothing worse than inconvenience.

December 22, 2009

Ten days of joy: Day 7

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Today’s joy was a quiet one: the peace of drowsing beneath a cluster of warm, happy, purring cats. Three cats are actually enough to make a very substantial furry blanket!

Dua Netjer! Dua Bast! Nekhtet!