February 5, 2015

On the Day When the Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu

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Today was the festival known as The Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu. In Kemetic Orthodoxy, it’s a time to contemplate the vows that we’ve taken (or that we might be considering taking). To celebrate the festival, this evening I performed a small ritual of reading my vows, making offerings, and singing songs.

Tonight was also the night that I reopened my State shrine after nearly a year of hiatus. It felt like an auspicious night for it, since my shrine is after all named for the Eye of Ra (“The Eye of Ra Watches over Them”); and it also served to underscore the importance of the service that I’ve pledged myself to. So here I am, back again, renewed in Zep Tepi, ready to do my Mother’s work once more.

Shrine for the festival The Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu
Shrine for the Eye of Ra

Dua Eye of Ra! Nekhtet!

July 30, 2014

Bast shrine, Retreat 2014

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Shrine of Bast, with an image of the four sons of Bast (Nefertem, Ma’ahes, Khonsu-Heru, and Heru-hekenu), an amulet of Wenut, and other items.

Dua Bast — nekhtet!

April 20, 2014

Feast of Wenut 2014

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Happy Feast of Wenut! (a.k.a. Easter)

A closer view.

Here I am being all festive and wearing a seshed-band. Because Wenut told me to.

Dua Wenut! Nekhtet!

March 4, 2014

Bast’s new icon arrives!

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My new state icon has arrived — right on Onion Day! I’m so excited.

Some pictures:

These are the three different icons that have been used in my state shrine over the years. The first was the black-and-gold Summit Collection Bast on the left — just resin, and not the lion-Bast that I usually “get,” but this was a good icon for me. On the right is the bronze that I’ve been using lately. It’s a copy of the Bast from my set of Seven Arrows. Lovely, but a little too small. The new one is in the center, striking the balance betwen them.

Here She is in close up.

And a clearer view, taken by the foundry.

She was created by Lena Toritch of Young Fine Art Studio in Salt Lake City. I can definitely recommend Lena’s work!

Dua Bast — nekhtet!

March 1, 2014

Bast festivals of IV Peret

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Kissing the ground before Ra and the Eye of Ra:
Hail to You, great ones, who shine in the heavens!
May You be kind to me, may You love me,
may You embrace me in the course of every day.

Today marks the beginning of the fourth and last month of the season of Peret (Growing), and it’s also the beginning of a whole clutch of Bast festivals. Today through March 4 is the Feast of Ra and the Eye of Ra; March 4 is also the much-beloved Day of Chewing Onions for Bast; and March 5 is a Boat Procession of Bast. Add to that the fact that I’m having my annual Onion Day get-together for local House of Netjer members next weekend, and it’ll be a very busy week.

Today I made many offerings: a new candle, lotus incense, and a sun-dried tomato bagel in the morning; flowers at noon; a steak dinner and jewelry (new bracelets and anklets) in the evening; and mint-chocolate-chip cookies for dessert. Tomorrow I plan to work on some heka crafts, and also to go outside and spend some time under Ra’s sky before the oncoming snow storm buries us again.

On Tuesday, Onion Day, I’m planning to offer my “Eye of Ra salad”: greens, onions, oranges, feta cheese, and either chicken or duck. (I had this at a restaurant once, and realized that it was in fact the perfect salad for Her.)

On Tuesday, I’m also expecting to receive my new bronze state shrine icon, which was finished and shipped out last week — synchronistic timing!

Wednesday through Friday I’m taking off work in order to thoroughly spring clean the house before the Onion Day get-together. (Wednesday I’ll probably do something to mark the Boat Procession, though I don’t yet know what.)

And then on Saturday: fellowship, shrine-building and offerings, heka, and a big old bloomin’ onion.

What a week! Dua Ra! Dua Bast!


Daisies — day’s eyes — for Ra and the Eye of Ra.

January 2, 2014

The Procession of Set and His Shemsu

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Sharing pizza with the Lord of Storms during the Procession of Set and His Shemsu, on the eve of Winter Storm Hercules.


He got a song, too. (My microphone is still pretty awful; sorry.)

Dua Set!

December 22, 2013

Two shrines from December

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Shrine for the Feast of the Lioness Goddesses, with steak offering.

A close-up of the statues, taken pre-offering.

Shrine to welcome home my two custom-made statues of esoteric aspects of Wenut. (Click for larger version.)

November 13, 2013


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I am falconized…

…and ready to start the day.

Happy Feast of the Soaring Falcon!


November 3, 2013

The Procession of Nebt-het

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Yesterday we held a festival for the Procession of Nebt-het, for which my friend and fellow priest Imti brought up his state icon from Maryland. I think this might be the first festival at which a Kemetic Orthodox state icon actually processed to visit a different state shrine. (We were originally going to do this last year, but superstorm Sandy interfered.) In addition to the ceremonial procession, the festival was an opportunity to be festive with our Akhu. Here are a few photos:

The state icon of Nebt-het of Nekhen Muti Neferty established in the Akhu shrine at Nekhen Saut-sen Iryt Ra. The bowl before Her contains ribbons with Her epithets and aspects written on them; the festival participants later each drew one, as a sort of oracle.

The “public” shrine for the festival, with a statue of Nebt-het, mementoes of the Akhu, and various offerings.

Close up of the Nebt-het statue.

Festival-goers decorating sugar skulls.

Bast oversees the festivities.

Not shown: The ritual shrine, to which the state icon was processed during the festival and where festival goers were able to spend time alone with Her. (I wish I had remembered to take a picture; it looked really cool.)

Dua Nebt-het! Dua Bast! Nekhtet

October 20, 2013

Saq-Khmun (and cautionary note)

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Shrine for the Saq-Khmun festival, as it would have looked during the ritual. (The photo was actually taken afterward.)

The shrine in better lighting. The eight stones around the large bowl of water represent the members of the Ogdoad; there are frogs and snakes drawn on them.

Early Saturday morning, before dawn, I performed a ritual for the festival of Saq-Khmun, the “Appearance of the Eight,” honoring the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. My take on the festival, however, focused heavily on Wenut, who was also connected with Hermopolis; there was a lot of abstruse UPG involved. It was meant as a sort of Zep Tepi moment, a new beginning and an evocation of creative energy, since one of my current goals is to get back to writing more.

The ritual ended, I felt fantastic, bursting with energy, ready to take on the world, or at the very least my various writing projects…and then over the next couple of days I went completely off the rails mentally and emotionally.

Now, this could just be my regular cycle coming around, as I periodically suffer from anxiety and depression. But it could also be that I tapped into something potent here that I was not really prepared to deal with. (And this possibility tends to confirm for me that my decision not to post the actual text of the ritual here was probably wise….)

I don’t regret doing the ritual, despite the possible consequences. In fact, in a weird way, I’m looking forward to the post-crash analysis and recovery process; I think various Gods and I may be having some interesting conversations in the near future. But this seems like a good moment to say, for the sake of any readers who don’t already know this: Heka is powerful. Be careful.

/end public service announcement