July 6, 2012

Walking with the valley, talking with the valley

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One happy side benefit of my morning walks is that I’ve begun connecting with the spirit of the valley in which I live. My impression is that he’s somewhat like Geb, but not-Geb. Geb seems, in fact, to be more intimate, more loving and approachable, despite being a much vaster entity (and also originally the earth of a far-off place). It could be because no one has talked to this valley in hundreds of years, if ever; no praises of him are written in stone; no anthropomorphic images were ever made.

This morning, I was admiring the softness of the fields, the tall, drying grasses like fur:

    The valley is splendid in his summer pelt,
    green-gold lion basking in the blazing sun.

Although, I mused, he probably wasn’t actually a lion, since lions aren’t exactly a feature of New Jersey. “So what kind of creature are you?” I wondered.

…a valley.

That’s my lovely, very literal valley. He does seem resistant to the idea of being…what’s the animal form of “anthropomorphized”? Theriomorphized? As opposed to Khonsu-Heru, riding far above me in the morning sky as the waning moon, who entirely owns the white falcon.

March 9, 2012

E is for Egypt

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For the Pagan Blog Project. Click the photos for larger images.


Black Land and Red Land

Where the Black Land meets the Red…


View of Cairo with pyramids

…where the ancient lives beside the modern…


Herons at Philae

…where the bennu still stands upon the sacred mound before taking flight above the waters…


Aswan moon and palms

…and the restored Eye of Heru waxes in the evening sky…


Hethert and mountain

…where the stone serpents of the mountain rear up in echo of the uraeus…


Lion goddess at Luxor

…where the Lion Goddess, the Lady of the Flame, walks the night…


Nile at twilight

…and the great river rolls on in His beauty and majesty forever….


Hail to you, Egypt, beloved home of the Netjeru! Though I may be far away, you live in my heart.



Cat at Philae

March 8, 2012

Heartbreak in the making

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The university has a new construction project underway — as it usually does, being, like many schools, in a constant process of building and rebuilding, so as to attract students with all the best and shiniest things. At any rate, today I learned that the next phase may involve taking out the line of trees between the parking garage and the wall that runs alongside Prospect Street. To me, this possibility is tragic — it’s not much of a space, maybe, but I love it, the cool shade, the peace and stillness, the gorgeous patchwork of moss.

The irony is that the new building will be a center for energy and the environment. It’s designed with all kinds of greenness, and good things will probably come out of the research that goes on there. And maybe I’ll come to love the new gardens as much or more than the alley. (“The gardens give the site a ‘porosity’ or openness that invites people to enter, meet and collaborate,” says one of the architects. “Within the building you’ll always be moving from garden to garden, from light to light.”) But right now, I’m hoping that my little sanctuary of trees and moss somehow survives.