October 1, 2012

Leaving 2 Akhet

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As usual, the month has flown by. Today is the last day of 2 Akhet, so I thought I’d look back on my goals for the month.

Purify all the things
Some progress in this area, although not as much as I’d like. The living room is still in a state of havoc, but there’s not a lot I can do about it. (The stuff belongs to my housemate, who has been having health issues and hasn’t been able to deal with it.) I did go around and purify the house, and I’ve been working on the heka end of things. And I did a large and very satisfying purge of clothing, including two bags of “wishful thinking” clothes (the ones that don’t fit anymore but you don’t throw them away just in case someday they do). This goal will probably roll over into next month, though.

Get my mind more quiet
Again, some progress here. I’ve started doing Senut regularly again, which has led to some definite insight. And I’ve instituted something called “check-ins” at work: I set an alarm to go off every hour, which reminds me to get off the computer for a few minutes, look out the window at the sky, walk around. This has been helpful, although sometimes I still have difficulty prying myself away from the machine

Make progress in my Bast heka study
Progress has been made, if you consider it progress that I’ve basically pitched my whole approach and will be taking a new tack. (Hint: I do.) Something more freeform than my previous system is being called for, but I still need to set up some structure so I don’t just float and nothing gets done.

Celebrate the Procession of Bast
Unequivocally accomplished. Nekhtet!

September 3, 2012

Entering 2 Akhet

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Whew. So Wep Ronpet has come and gone, as has the entire first month of the Inundation season. I don’t even know where all of the time went. It’s kind of a blur. There was a final crunch on my major project at work, I had to fight a parking ticket in Jersey City (for a day on which I wasn’t even in Jersey City — it turned out the ticket was for someone else’s car), and my house has been turned upside down as my roommate tries to paint her room (which has involved moving the contents of her room into the living room while she sleeps in the shrine room). I’ve had guests, a cold, and the standard purity issue, which has all kept me out of shrine for far too long. And my brain has just generally been full of static. I think those are the highlights (or should that be lowlights?). On the plus side, the Northeast had a lovely get-together at Woodlawn Cemetery for the Wag Festival, and I got a bit of writing done recently.

Anyway, now it’s 2 Akhet, and I’m starting to get back into gear again. My goals for this month are:

  • Purify all the things (as Sobeq likes to say). There’s just too much chaos in this house right now, and with the help of some firm guidance from Aset (via Tahekerut’s channeled oracle), I’m going to be dealing with it by cleaning, sorting, purging, purifying, and doing appropriate heka. By the end of the month, I want the living room back in order, the shrine room back to full purity and activity, and a regular routine of house purifying and warding in place. (I’ve already set up the shrine space that Aset asked for.)
  • Work on getting my mind more quiet. This means setting solid boundaries for Internet usage, which jitters me up more than anything if I let it get away from me, as well as reestablishing a daily stillness and meditation practice in addition to the daily State Rite.
  • Make progress in my Bast heka study. By the end of this month, I want to have actually finished the first section and be ready to move on. I also need to confer with Bast in more depth about this project in general.
  • Celebrate the Procession of Bast on 2 Akhet 10 in some significant manner (since I’ve been falling down on the festivals in general so far this year).

I’ll aim to check back in about all these things later.

In other updates, I’ve added a divinations page to this site, where I offer various types of readings.

And I think that’s all the excitement for the moment.