December 21, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Ten

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Today was the Feast of Bast Guards the Two Lands, the last of the Ten Days of Joy. My housemate and I are celebrating the Feast part this weekend, when I’ll be home and can roast the duck, but tonight I offered shrimp tempura sushi at dinner and then, during Senut, Belgian chocolate mousse cake.

Today’s joy was that moment, waiting in darkness in front of the shrine before lighting the candle and beginning the rite, when I felt that silent shift of Presence, that certainty, the answer echoing back from out of the night: I am here.

Dua Bast, Eye of Ra, Mistress of Joy! In darkness and light, in song and silence, You are always by our side. May You bless us with love and protection through the winter and always. Nekhtet!

December 20, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Nine

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Today was not only the ninth of the Ten Days of Joy; it was also the festival of the Procession of Bast, a sort of lead-in to tomorrow’s festival of Bast Guards the Two Lands, I suppose. To celebrate, I walked down to the lake bridge at lunch, looking for signs of Her presence. And I found:

  • wind and water and the wild geese winging to rest
  • thoughts on the nature of longing and love
  • the sudden shining-forth of Her son, Heru-hekenu, like all the stars in the sky, and then the rest of the Seven Arrows, loving and mighty, protective
  • a song

And joy. Always joy.

Hail and praise to Bast and Her Arrows! Nekhtet!

December 19, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Eight

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Today’s joy: the moment at work when the deadline anxiety melts away and the experience of flow takes over, so that the job becomes a pleasure and a challenge both, unfolding hour by hour.

Praise to You, O Bast — may I dwell in the moment as You do!

December 18, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Seven

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Today’s joy: lighting the candles and making the offerings in the shrine room, honoring the Gods and the Akhu in that space of perfect tranquility — finding purpose, finding meaning in the warm glow of the flames, in the music of cool water.

Dua Netjer! Dua Akhu! Nekhtet!

December 17, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Six

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Joy again in being outside under the open sky, breathing the clean, cold air and feeling the wind’s rush, hearing the bright, sharp cries of the gulls as they wheel above the parking lot, wings spread against the gray, snow-laden clouds. Breathing in and then out — a long moment of stillness in the midst of the world’s holiday rush, an exhalation of pure release, of freedom.

Praise to all the Names of Netjer, You who hold life up to my face.

December 16, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Five

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Today’s joy: Finishing a day of intense focus at work, and finally being able to relax. A couch, a fleecy blanket, two cats, a mug of chocolate chai, and some good reading — the subtle, mellow joy of being home. Ahhh.

Dua Bast, guardian of the house and all its joys! May you bless me in this hour.

December 15, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Four

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Today’s joy was going out for a walk at lunchtime. What a gift it is to be able to walk, to breathe, to feel the earth firm beneath each footstep, the sky cool and bright overhead.

Dua Geb! May I walk gently upon you each and every day.

December 14, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Three

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Today’s joy: Standing outside at 5:00 in the morning, transfixed by beauty — watching the moon soar in a ring of rainbow haze, the thinnest plumes of cloud passing before His face.

Dua Khonsu-Heru, son of Bast, sailing in glory!

December 13, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day Two

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Two joys today:

— The joy of watching a vulture wing its way across the sky, a perfect balance of weight and grace.

— The joy of seeing two of my cats curled lovingly up together, fast asleep.

Dua Bast! May You appear to me in the beauty of all that lives.

December 12, 2011

Ten Days of Joy (2011): Day One

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It’s time once again for the annual Ten Days of Joy, a celebration of the unique joy of each day as we approach the Festival of Bast Guards the Two Lands.

Today’s joy is the joy of strength and will unlooked-for, of rising to meet a challenge rather than surrendering to inertia.

Dua Bast, Mistress of Joy, O Strong Lady, hail and praise to You! May You bless me in Your season. May You lift me up!