Index of Songs

Welcome to my collection of songs dedicated to the magnificent divinities of ancient Egypt! For more information on this site and what it’s all about, including copyright information, please see the About This Site page.

Below is a list of all the songs on the site in alphabetical order, or you can visit the updates page to find out what’s been added most recently. You can also search by God name using the Categories list at right. Note that these are transliterations of the original Kemetic names rather than the more commonly known Greek versions: Aset rather than Isis, for example. If the Kemetic names are unfamiliar to you, please visit the House of Netjer’s glossary of the Names, which provides cross-referencing for most of the deities you’ll encounter here.

With that, please enjoy these works! Dua Netjer! Nekhtet!

— Shefyt

Atemet, Lady of All

Bast Lullabye

Bawy Song

Breathe into Me

Chant for Offering Ma’at to Netjer

Child of Tefnut

Come, Heru-wer!

Creator’s Song

Crow Song (for Nebt-het)

Daughter of the River

Djehuty Calls Bast and Sekhmet

Dua Amun-Ra!

Eye of Ra, Watch over Me

The Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu

Four Jackals Chant

Geb Song

Goddess of the Flame

Golden as the Sun

Hapy Love Song

Heri-sha-ef, Lord of the Green

Hethert of the Heden

Holy Mother [for Bast]

Housework Song

Hymn to Bast-Mut

Hymn to Heru-Sobek

Hymn to Khonsu-Heru

Hymn to Temu in His Barque

Hymn to Wepwawet

Lady of All Joy

Lady of Purity

Lion Goddess

Lord of the Northern Sky

Master of All (Amun-Ra version)

Master of All (Ra version)

Mighty Bast, Send Your Arrows!

Mighty Mother

Mistress of Joy

Mother, I See You

Mother, Mother


Nebet Aset

Nefer Ma’at

New Moon Song

O Eye of Ra

Offering Song for the Akhu

O Mighty Bes!

Peace Song

Prayer Song

Prayer to Bes for Protection in Sleep

The Purification of Bast

Rising in Gold

River Song

Sa Bast

Satet Chant

Sekhmet Healing Song

Serqet Chant

Set Chant

Set Heart

She of Joy

Singing for the Udjat

Sobek, Lord of Dawn

Song for a Beautiful Festival

Song for Heru-hekenu

Song for Heru-wer

Song for Ma’ahes

Song for Nesret

Song for Renenutet

Song for Sekhet

Song for Soaring Falcon and Winged Disk

Song for the Boat Procession of Mut

Song for the Cow and the Dove

Song for the Feast of Heryshef

Song for the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis

Song for the Procession of Set and His Shemsu

Song for the Swift One

Song for Wesir

Song for Yinepu

Song-Offering for Weret-Hekau

Sunset Song for the Triad of Per-Bast

Taweret Lullabye

Tiny Little Offering Song

Tyet Song

Wenut Blessing

Wep Ronpet

Wepwawet House Blessing

Zep Tepi Song for Nefertem