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Here are short blurbs for each of the stories on this site, including shounen ai and yaoi warnings where applicable. These descriptions may include spoilers for both the original works and the stories, so be careful!

If you don't know what shounen ai and yaoi are, please read the appropriate section of the welcome page. Some otherwise shounen ai stories contain chapters with overt sexual content; those stories are marked with an (S). In most cases, however, alternative chapters do exist, and those chapters will be listed on the story's index page. Anything described as "mild" shounen ai may contain suggestive situations, but nothing more.


CLAMP fics

Dream (X) - Kotori's final vision, taking place not long after her death. A vignette.

X: Broken Worlds (TB/X) - What if Subaru and Seishirou had a very different relationship? A wild speculation with some rather interesting ramifications.

Two Casts...One Stage...and It's the End of the World! (TB/X) - The Dragons of Heaven and Earth are cast in a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, with the fate of the earth at stake. Not for the faint of heart or those lacking in a sense of humor. Contains trisexually suggestive situations and occasionally obnoxious language. And Pocky.

Sakura and Snow (TB/X) - Can the Sakurazukamori learn to love before the world ends? An epic Subaru/Seishirou romance. Shounen ai (S).

Wings (TB/X) - Kamui pops wings and gets a major crush on Subaru. Plenty of cuteness and angst. Shounen ai (S).

Magician (CCD/X) - During an assault on the CLAMP Campus computer system, Satsuki discovers the most amazing program she's ever met. At least, that's what she thinks. This story, set somewhere vaguely after book 13 of X, was originally written for a CLAMP Fanfic Mailing List challenge. The goal: to pair up the most unlikely couple of characters. What do you think?

Kiss of Moonlight (CCS) - Yue ponders the nature of his other self and his attraction to Touya. Mild shounen ai; the title itself should give you the idea.

Messages (CCD) - A gift of flowers poses a question that Nokoru must answer. Even milder shounen ai; also somewhat cryptic.Based on the CLAMP School anime rather than the manga.

13 (TB/X) - A dark fic about the hidden secret of the Sakurazukamori. No more shounen ai than Tokyo Babylon itself.

26 (TB/X) - A sequel to "13." (Duh.) Slightly more upbeat, despite featuring DeadSakurazukamoriSubaru.

The Three Intimacies (X) - A moonlit encounter forces Arashi to examine her feelings for Sorata. Is love worth its price in pain?

Little Green-eyes (TB) - It's another day of work for Subaru-kun.... Original-flavor Tokyo Babylon, cute but sad.

Kekkai (X) - The assault on one of Tokyo's kekkai, as experienced by an ordinary human being.

Kekkai Lite: Now with Penguins! (TB/X) - Sometimes the battle for the Earth's future isn't a matter of black-and-white--and sometimes, it is.

Forever Is in You (Clover) - An inner monologue by Lan, on the night and time and love. Implicit shounen ai.

Return (X) - Sorata and Arashi take a little trip to Koyasan.

Still Waters (TB/X) - Subaru, Kamui, and a small child. A dark yet hopeful drabble set post-series. Shounen ai; rated R.

Chibiphobia (TB/X) - Subaru, Kamui, and a small child. The crack-inspired version, set in the "Wings" universe. Implied shounen ai.

Wide as Wonder, Tall as Starlight (Clover) - A Ran/Gingetsu AU, written as a drabble challenge. Strongly intimated shounen ai.

Guardian (CCD/X) - The Kamui of the Dragons of Earth meets an unexpected obstacle.

Mirrors (TB/X) - Reflections on Subaru and Seishirou's relationship. Mild shounen ai.

Ordinary (X) - Daisuke ponders various peoples' roles in the Final Battle.

Talks Too Much (TB/X) - What happens when Subaru stops talking. (ficbit)

Almost Nobody (X) - Shes a cheerful but slightly troubled junior high school student. Hes her ridiculously genki social studies teacher. Together, they fight crime! fall off Tokyo Tower! A fic set ten years after the Final Battle, featuring Aoki Yuka and Segawa Keiichi.



Please Save My Earth fics

Falling from the Moon - My attempt to resolve the ending of the OAV series, focusing mainly on Issei and Jinpachi's relationship. Mild shounen ai.

True Lovers - Night falling, snow falling, and two people in a world of their own. Alice/Rin, a side story set a little after "Falling from the Moon."

Love and Fishes - "D'ya c'mere often?...D'ya like fish?" A little story about Haruhiko and Mikuro's growing relationship. Extremely mild shounen ai--blink and you'll miss it.

Temptation - An Issei/Jinpachi drabble set just prior to the beginning of the series. Mild (and one-sided) shounen ai.



Fushigi Yuugi fics

Breathing Deeply - Nuriko reflects upon the past and looks into the future in a vignette set during Episode 8.

The Animal That Walks on Two Legs - Rated R for adult themes. This is Ashitare's side of the story...

Beasts - ...and this is Soi's response, as well as her thoughts about why she does what she does.



Weiss Kreuz fics

Sword Dance - Part psychological study of Aya, part PWP, this is very definitely lemon territory. Yaoi.

Purity - This is my cry of affirmation after reading the very ambiguous ending of the Dramatic Precious Final Stage drama CD. Rather obscure, I'm afraid. Focuses on Aya.

Catch Me - A "Save Ken" story set after the fourth Dramatic Precious drama CD. Rated R for adult themes and language.

Youji's Omelette - Youji learns to expand his horizons, with a little help from Ken. PWP with potential food-squick. Yaoi.

Warmth - What's the meaning of a touch? Kind of Omi/Ken-ish; claims it's not shounen ai but could probably be taken that way if you insist.

Weiss Play D&D - Weiss (and a couple of uninvinted guests) play a weeknight game of Dungeons and Dragons. Scriptfic. Lots of crack and slashy innuendo.

Not for 30 Kisses - A series of stories originally begun for the 30 kisses Livejournal community. Currently (and possibly eternally) incomplete, although the existing stories stand alone. It's gradually working its way toward shounen ai.



Other fics

Rain (Escaflowne) - As Gaea rebuilds after the War, Celena Schezar struggles to come to terms with her dual identity...and with her brother's overprotectiveness.

Come Undone (Gundam Wing) - Duo and Quatre share a quiet moment shortly after leaving the Maganac Fighters. No, it's not what you think.

After Colony (Gundam Wing) - A dark little reflection, proposing an alternate ending to the GW TV series. What if the Gundam boys had ultimately failed?

Crossing Over (Spirited Away) - On an ordinary day, the god returns--and nothing will ever be the same.

Something Blue (Rahxephon) - The world has been retuned--so what is this dissonance?

Everything We Touch, Changes (Loveless) - After the infamous ear-piercing scene, Ritsuka struggles to understand and accept.Sort of pre-shounen ai, like the series.

Inspiration (Spirited Away) - Strangely, Chihiro's painting of Haku doesn't come out quite as she expects.... (ficbit)

Why Young Robots Shouldn't Play on the Information Superhighway (King of Braves GaoGaiGar) - Robot porn! Transforming robots Hyouryu and Enryu investigate the facts of life. PG-13, despite robot sex and incest. (...they're robots.)



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