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Welcome to my collection of anime- and manga-based fanfics. Thanks for visiting! If you're new here, please read the welcome notice and warnings to avoid any unpleasant surprises, particularly of the shounen ai variety. (The welcome page also includes my linking and archiving policies, as well as the obligatory legal disclaimers.) If you're an old friend, click on the What's New link to see what's changed since your last visit.

Most of my stories are based on shoujo sources, primarily Saki Hiwatari's "Please Save My Earth" and various works by CLAMP. Although I'm something of a slow writer, I do write consistently, and so I hope to update this site on a fairly regular basis. Check back every so often to see what's been added.

Moving your pointer over the story titles below should bring up a one-line description in your browser's status bar. (It's a little quirky--if a link appears rather than the description, try moving the mouse back off the title.) If your browser isn't Javascript-capable or if you want a little more information, a full page of blurbs is also available, which also serves as an index by series.

And now, please enjoy your stay!


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