Welcome to the flip side of Firecat Fanfics! As you probably know, if you've surveyed my main fanfic site well enough to find this place, my writing tends to be Very Serious...well, except for the X Rocky Horror Picture Show. There's really no explaining that one.

However, on this page you'll find a scattering of other things that have absolutely no reason for being other than pure whim and randomness. All the gratuitous fluff that my little mind comes up with...you should start to get nervous now.

I make no guarantees that you'll find anything here amusing, but I hope you will. Certainly writing them amused me.

Of course, I'm somewhat easily amused....



Mystery Science Fanfic 3000 - Shanti and I once wrote a MSTie of a rather bad fanfic. I won't post the whole thing here because it would be cruel to the original author, but our intro and closingwere kind of cute and I think can stand on their own fairly well.

Little Bat-Winged Kamui - To be sung to the tune of "Little Bunny Foo-Foo." I'm not really sure the world was ready for this.

Subaru-kun's Adventures in New Jersey - A fanfic fragment. Someday I might actually finish this one.

A Couple of Top-Ten Lists - What happens when K-chan and I get on a roll.

The Top-Ten Lists, take 2 - With updated pairings!

Omake! - The Firecat Fanfics Blooper Reel - See scenes from various stories as they /might/ have happened!

Omake! 2 - For "Falling from the Moon" - A separate page for the PSME bloopers - Added December 25, 2001



When Obsessions Collide I (PSME/CLAMP) - Oh, Sei-chan--someone would like a word with you about your veterinary practices.

When Obsessions Collide II (Weiss Kreuz/CardCaptor Sakura) - Excuse me while I flee the genki darts of death. (I know, the image-slicing needs fixing. Soon, I hope....)


More to come? Who knows....

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