Falling from the Moon

Author's Note

Welcome to my little addition to the world of obscure fanfics! This fanfic is based on the wonderful and rather under-written-about anime OAV series "Please Save My Earth." Please see the Disclaimer and Copyrights sections of my main welcome page for information about who owns the rights to the original work.

For those of you who are familiar with "Please Save My Earth," please note that this story is based on the anime, not the manga. Essentially, I watched all six OAV episodes, screamed at the TV screen, "That's it?! THAT'S the way it ends?!" and immediately decided that I had to complete the story for myself. Of course, then I discovered that there was a twenty-one book manga series which had already completed the story, but being bloody-minded and stubborn about the whole thing I decided to go ahead and write my version anyway.After five-and-a-half years, I've finally finished it. During that time, I acquired the manga (although I can't actually read it, so I still have only a vague idea what's going on), and I've managed to pick up some other bits of information along the way. Some of those elements I've included in the story, such as Issei's sister's shounen ai fixation; others I've ignored. You can rest assured, however, that most of my plot bears little resemblance or relationship to actual events in the manga past book eight or so. And in the few places where there are similarities, they're mostly coincidental. How strange is that?

The current release (as of December 25, 2001) has been revised slightly from the previous version. The major difference is that I've taken out the fangirl Japanese, having since become older and wiser (if not much saner). There are also a few other minor alterations, such as changing the moon base's glitch from "mechanical" to "electrical" and expanding upon a scene in chapter 15, in addition to a vast amount of almost imperceptible tweaking. If you haven't read the full story in a while, you may want to go back and refresh your memory. Although the story is essentially finished, my archiving policy for it still stands; linking to it is fine, but I would really prefer not to have it posted on other people's web sites.

Having just said that the story is finished, I should let you know that there does exist the possibility for various side stories to be written. I need to take a little break, and then I'll see how I feel. As you can tell, there's a whole lot that happens between the end of the main storyline and the side story "In This Life," and I'd like to explore some of those things.

Thanks go out to my prereaders, commenters, and general encouragers--Shanti, K-chan, Ali, and the rest of the Charmurai list, Amy, Nan, and Lara, Sheri, for letting me read this whole story out loud to her and putting up with my Jinpachi-ing, and especially Jess, without whom certain scenes would never have been written. Additional thanks go to Ali for help with physics, and to Yumemi for advice on how to blow stuff up. Any mistakes that remain--cultural, technological, medical, or whatever--are purely my own.

Extra special thanks go to Warner Young, who gave me the tools I needed to begin this. I highly recommend his "Please Save My Earth" Web site, http://www.nnanime.com/PSME/ for an excellent introduction to the series.

And now, please enjoy the fanfic!


Chapter 1

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