Sakura and Snow

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Sakura and Snow is a work of fanfiction set in the X/Tokyo Babylon universe created by CLAMP, and it’s my own personal answer to the question of how to resolve Subaru Sumeragi and Seishirou Sakurazuka’s longtime conflict. Sakura and Snow left CLAMP’s continuity and became an alternate universe fanfic at around book 10 of X, but it does contain spoilers for the first ten books. Some chapters also contain adult-rated material, in particular the Drifts; I've provided PG-13 alternatives where possible. (The "Drifts" are adult-only annexes to the main "Sakura and Snow" storyline. They're chapters in which the sexual content is so integral that I didn't feel I could edit it out without losing the main point of each section; they also tend to be somewhat dark. It should be entirely possible to read and understand "Sakura" without looking at the Drifts: they add a bit of psychological lemon to the story, but aren't essential to the plot.) You'll see a warning notice before entering any explicit chapter.

The manga for X was published by Asuka Comics in Japan and Viz in the United States; Tokyo Babylon was published by Shinshokan and by Tokyopop. A couple of characters appearing in this story were borrowed from the Tokyo Babylon anime OVA, which is copyrighted by CLAMP/Shinshokan/MOVIC/Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All rights to the original story and characters of X are retained by CLAMP. Please see my welcome page for information on my linking and archiving policy and other copyright info.

I’m grateful beyond words to everyone who gave editorial comments and other advice during the writing of this story: Amy, Doctor X, K-chan, Kristin O., Leareth, Miyabiarashi, Monica, Rackham Rose, Roo, Shanti, Sheri, Solo, and Sunsun. Thanks and gratitude are, of course, also due to the four ladies of CLAMP, without whom this story would never exist at all.

Finally, a huge thank you to all my readers. Thirteen years is a very, very long time for you to wait for an ending to this story. I hope it’s worth the wait.




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