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May 12, 1999 - This is not an update, but an announcement:

Firecat Fanfics will be moving.

Why? Well, shortly after I posted that note on my welcome page about how I'd been with GTI for ever so long and didn't think I was likely to be moving any time in the foreseeable future...I discovered that GTI only gives users 2MB for personal web pages. (Wah! I'd thought that they would have at least offered 5 megs....) And I haven't exceeded that yet, but I'm starting to get close. "Sakura" alone is over half a meg; isn't that scary?

I thought about extending my space by using free web pages, but I don't like most of the services, and since I have a couple of other projects that I've been thinking of doing, I decided for various reasons to break down and get a real web hosting account with a real web provider. And so that nobody would have to put up with me bouncing from new address to new address any more, I caved in and got my own domain name. So now you can find me wherever I go.

In the interest of preserving sanity, then, the long-promised update will be put off until I have my new space set up. If you're on the list (actually any one of several--you know who you are), there'll be an announcement when everything is ready that will give you the new address. All the rest of you loyal readers, please watch the main page for my redirect notice. (If you have a web site linked to mine, e-mail me and I'll put you on a special notification list.) My best guess for the moment is that June 1 will be the official move date, but I always jinx myself when I give specific deadlines, so please forgive me if I'm a little bit later than that.

I've also updated the Current Projects yet again, and I went through my links page and fixed a few broken or moved links. (I just posted my link list for the first time, and I've already got broken links? Sheesh.)

  • Special thanks to Rae, who wrote to let me know that she was the 10,000th hit on this site! Yay!


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April 26, 1999 - Once again, the update consists mainly of a new Current Projects entry. I've also managed to put up a beta-version of my links page. The next update, however, will be more substantial--I should have a new chapter of "Sakura" as well as two new "Fushigi Yuugi" short fics. Until then, you can amuse yourselves by trying to find the not-very-well-hidden link that's somewhere on this site. <evil grin>

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March 23, 1999 - New story! "Breathing Deeply" is my first attempt at Fushigi Yuugi fanfic; see what you think of it. I also added my friend Amy's Issei and Jinpachi picture to the main "Falling" page. Yatta!...Now, I know that everyone who visits my page is an upright and honest sort of person, but I'm going to say this anyway: if you like Amy's picture and want to use it on your own page, then get in touch with her! Don't just copy it and paste it up--that's rude. There's a link to her home page right under the picture. Arigatou ne. ^_^

March 1, 1999 - Pretty much the only update this time around is the new Current Projects entry. I had greater ambitions, but it wasn't a productive weekend, unfortunately. I'm working on a links and web-rings page as well as more twiddly graphics, perhaps a guestbook, and, of course, more fics, but don't expect to see much of any of that for the next couple of weeks. Oh, and I altered the endnote on "Come Undone," since I found the other, similar fanfic and it wasn't quite as similar as I'd remembered it being. Is that all? I think it is....

February 15, 1999 - Posted the new Gundam Wing shortfic, "Come Undone" and updated the copyrights section with appropriate information. I finally fixed something that'd been bugging me--how did I manage to watch PSME as many times as I have and /still/ think that Mikuro has pale hair? (Okay, so his hair looks pale in the manga, but in the anime it's a decidedly slatey grey.) So I made a slight change to "Love and Fishes." My other twiddles aren't worth mentioning....

February 8, 1999 - bad. I got lazy with my tables and wound up making a hash out of "Two Casts" part 5. It was fine in Netscape, but in Lynx the character participation dialogues at the end wandered far away from the credits they were supposed to be spoofing. <sweatdrop> I think I've fixed it now, however....

February 7, 1999 - "Two Casts...." part 5 is up! So quake with fear, you tiny fools! BWAHAHA! <ahem> Another fanfic finished...can you tell I'm glad? Also made a few tweaks to "Sakura," particularly Chapter 9.

January 31, 1999 - Posted Chapter 11 of "Sakura." Added graphics to the "Falling" and "Wings" index pages--cool? too corny? I'd love to have some feedback. And of course, the constant fixing of minor errors continues, as always. ^_^

January 3, 1999 - Put up Chapter 13 of "Falling"--finally! Added graphics to the index and other main pages. Added a page of blurbs for all of the stories (which also serves as an index by series). Made other minor corrections throughout the site.

November 27, 1998 - Put up "Love and Fishes" and updated the relevant pages.

November 22, 1998 - Not much new this week. I made a slight change to the intro of "Rain," and I added some Javascript to the main index page. Now, when you move your cursor onto the title of a fic, a short blurb telling you what the story's about should appear in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window. Give it a try! (Lynx users, let me know if you feel left out and I'll set up a blurbs page just for you.)

November 15, 1998 - Posted Shanti's part 4 of "Two Casts, One Stage..." and "Rain," a new, single-part Escaflowne fic. Updated the copyrights page with Escaflowne information.

November 10, 1998 - Posted "Falling from the Moon" up through Chapter 12. Started the Current Projects page and made numerous minor changes throughout the site. The counter works now!

November 1, 1998 - Posted "Dream," "X: Broken Worlds" and "Two Casts, One Stage..." through part 3. Put up the author bio and started this updates page. Added a link to Ankoku-jin's "Sakura and Snow" site in the Author's Notes of "Sakura." Made a page for the Aestheticism award, linked to the main "Sakura" page.

October 27, 1998 - The first beta posting of Firecat Fanfics. The index and welcome pages are up as well as all of "Wings" and "Sakura and Snow" through Chapter 10 and the first Drift. Haven't got a working counter yet, though....


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