Atemet, Lady of All

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Atemet, Lady of All
© 2011 Natalie Baan

Lady of All
Mother of All
You who made the land
river, and sea
with water and fire
make the world green

Your garden blooms
as Your heart wishes
lovely for You
Lady of Per-Bast
spitting forth life
the power of Sia
lives in Your eye

Nekhbet, Wadjet
Amunet, Nunet
Raet-Temet, Mut, Aset,
Hethert, Menhyt
Nebt-het and Nit
Rising up in the east
O Lady of Dawn!

splendid as Ra
You speak like Ptah
All that You desire
shall come to be
May Your ka rejoice
at all You see

open the sky
O holy Eye!
You open the sky
O holy Eye!

Notes: Written in July 2011. Atemet is the female version/counterpart to the creator God Tem, here identified with Bast, who was paired with Tem in Her temple at Per-Bast. Inspiration for the song was largely taken from the article “Mut Enthroned” by Lana Troy and from the Henadology page on Hethert, which identified one of Her four faces as Temet who is the Lady of Bubastis (Per-Bast). The Goddesses in the middle verse are all either identified with Temet or have Temet as an epithet, according to either the Lexikon der ägyptischen Götter und Götterbezeichnungen or the Henadology page.