Hymn to Bast-Mut

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Hymn to Bast-Mut
© 2011 Natalie Baan

Hymn to Bast-Mut

O Great of Sunlight
In beauty rising at dawn,
O Lady of Might,
Sole One in the presence of Ra,
You shine like silver.
Khepera adores You.
O Woman of Gold,
Heru is praising You.

Living of Soul,
Queen of Heaven,
Smile upon us
In every good season.
Shine for us now,
Show us Your face,
Pour down Your love
and grace.

Wadj-scepter in hand,
You bring forth all that is good.
O Flame of All Lands,
Living by the strength of Your Word.
Ra knows Your beauty,
adorned in majesty,
Your shining White Crown
and lapis-lazuli.

Mighty of Births,
Noble Udjat,
Cobra of fire,
Rising up before Ra,
Kindly of face,
We shall not fear
When we know You
Are near.

Great Lady Bast-Mut
Upon the throne that You love,
In Your Name of Sekhmet,
You are the Lion of God.
In Your Name of Hethert,
Your joy is perfect and pure.
Great Lady Bast-Mut,
Through You these Two Lands endure.
Great Lady Bast-Mut,
In our hearts the Two Lands endure.

Notes: Written in the fall of 2007. Lyrics drawn from/inspired by the “crossword stela” of Paser; see H. M. Stewart, “A Crossword Hymn to Mut” (Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 57 [Aug. 1971], 87-104).