Hymn to Heru-Sobek

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Hymn to Heru-Sobek
© 2013 Natalie Baan

Master of the river,
falcon guarding the sky,
great lord Heru-Sobek,
praising You as You go by,
we bow to Your glory,
we bow, kissing the ground!
Your light fiercely blazing,
Your shadow vast and profound!
Your wings like the thunder,
Your tail sweeping the tide —
bring the Inundation!
Crack open the egg of life!
Dua, Heru-Sobek!
Dua, Heru-Sobek!
Dua, Heru-Sobek!
Give us protection and life!

Notes: Written in January 2013. A Sobek festival falls in the middle of the five-day Heru festival, the Rekeh Wer, and I somehow got it into my head to honor a syncretized version of the two Gods. Thus this song.


Sobek, Lord of Dawn

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Sobek, Lord of Dawn
© 2012 Natalie Baan

Glorious lord of depths and cataracts,
crocodile rising at the river’s edge,
holding us gently like a fragile egg
until the day we go forth into life.

Nurture us, Sobek — Sobek, Lord of Dawn!
Bathe us in sunlight in Your Name of Ra!
Devour those who come with evil hearts!
Protect us, Sobek — Sobek!

Notes: Written in January 2012, for the prompt “crocodile” in an Art-a-Day challenge on the House forums.