Four Jackals Chant

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Four Jackals Chant
© 2012 Natalie Baan

Jackal of the North, let loose the wind of freedom,
refreshing our souls in a dry season.

Jackal of the South, herald of Inundation,
a drink of cool water in a dry season.

Jackal of the East, You bring us inspiration,
showing us the way in a dry season.

Jackal of the West with ungents and fine linen,
restore us to life in a dry season.

Guardians of gates and places of transition,
liminal You walk at the borders of Creation,
watching over us from every direction —

Sabu! Wep! Wep! Wep!

Notes: Written in February 2012. The howl at the end is probably entirely ungrammatical Kemetic: sabu means “jackals,” and wep is some form of the verb “to open.”