Child of Tefnut

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Child of Tefnut
© 2007 Natalie Baan

Child of Tefnut,
Shu has raised You up
on His arms,
on His arms.
Child of Tefnut,
may You raise us up
as stars in Your sky.

Cow of Heaven,
carrying Lord Ra
on Your back
above the world.
Cow of Heaven,
lift on high Lord Ra
to shine down for us.

O Mehet Weret,
Mother of the Gods,
Wife of Geb,
for Whom Geb yearns,
You rise above us,
Mother of the Gods,
so that we might live.

Child of Tefnut,
Secret of the Sky,
spread Your wings,
O spread Your wings!
Child of Tefnut,
gentle as the night,
enclose us in Your wings.

O Child of Tefnut,
when the sun has set,
enfold us in Your wings.

Notes: Written in November 2007.


Song for the Cow and the Dove

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Song for the Cow and the Dove
© 2010 Natalie Baan

Rise up, starry Cow!
Come down, shining Dove!
The year turns, and the Decans change.
O Netjer, bless us on these holy days.

Rise up, divine Cow!
Come down, sacred Dove!
As Ra sails in His barque of years,
His Eye protects us, children of His tears.

Rise up, sun-crowned Cow!
Come down, silvery Dove!
O Holy Ladies, veiled in light,
in beauty You appear upon this night.

Rise up, Mother Nut!
Come down, Aset!
As You stride between sky and earth,
Your dance of love gives life to all the world, all the world!
As You fly between sky and earth,
Your dance of love gives life to all the world![repeat]

Notes: Written in December 2010 for two festivals: The Establishment of the Celestial Cow and the Descent of the Dove. Note that though Aset is named in the song, there’s some confusion as to whether she or Hethert is actually the dove. At least it’s easy to substitute in Hethert’s name, if you prefer it.