Song for Soaring Falcon and Winged Disk

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Song for Soaring Falcon and Winged Disk
© 2011 Natalie Baan

O Soaring Falcon on high,
from You all power descends —
Great Sun, fire in the sky!
Unfurl Your wings above us
O Heru Behdety!
For all the victories You bring,
we say — Nekhtet!
Give us strength to prevail,
O Flame of Glory!
For all the victories we’ve won,
we say — NEKHTET!

Notes: Written in the fall of 2007 for the Feast of the Soaring Falcon, honoring Ra-Heruakhety, and the Feast of the Winged Disk, honoring the triumph of Heru Behdety, which take place at approximately the same time in the fourth month of the Inundation. Nekhtet: “victory.”