March 22, 2015

Not actually a new release, but I’ve gone in and updated the pages so that hopefully now none of the songs will autoplay. (Thank you to Niankhbast for letting me know they were doing that! They weren’t doing it in Safari, which is the browser I typically use. Sorry, everyone!)

Released February 5, 2015

The Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu

Released January 2, 2014

Song for the Procession of Set and His Shemsu

Released March 24, 2013

Lord of the Northern Sky

Set Heart

Song for Ma’ahes

Tyet Song

Released March 9, 2013

Lady of Purity

The Purification of Bast

River Song

Sa Bast

Released January 9, 2013

Singing for the Udjat

Released January 8, 2013

Chant for Offering Ma’at to Netjer

Come, Heru-wer!

Hymn to Heru-Sobek

Hymn to Temu in His Barque

Released February 12, 2012

Four Jackals Chant

Goddess of the Flame

Master of All (Amun-Ra version)

Master of All (Ra version)

Song for Nesret

Song-Offering for Weret-Hekau

Wepwawet House Blessing

Released January 22-30, 2012

Child of Tefnut

Daughter of the River

Djehuty Calls Bast and Sekhmet

Golden as the Sun

Heri-sha-ef, Lord of the Green

Holy Mother [for Bast]

Housework Song

Lady of All Joy

Mighty Bast, Send Your Arrows!

Mistress of Joy

O Mighty Bes!

Prayer to Bes for Protection in Sleep

Satet Chant

Sobek, Lord of Dawn

Song for the Cow and the Dove

Song for the Swift One

Wenut Blessing

Zep Tepi Song for Nefertem