Lady of Purity

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Lady of Purity
© 2013 Natalie Baan

O lovely one, you wash my face.
O lovely one, you bathe my hands.
O lovely one, O lovely one,
Lady of Purity, enter in.

Lady of springs, You flower in beauty.
Bring forth the green from where the springs rise.
Bring forth new life, bring forth new life.
Lady of Purity, enter in.

Wenut of Khmun, You hear the Ogdoad.
Djehuty calls them up from the Nun.
The moon will rise; the child will be healthy.
Lady of Purity, enter in.

O gracious one, You fill your basin,
cool water from the flood of the Nile,
cool water for the Queen of Heaven.
Lady of Purity, enter in.

Pure, pure, pure —
Pure, pure, pure —
Pure, it is pure.

Notes: Written in January 2013, based on an experience with Wenut during the Senut rite. In ancient Kemet, Wenut was invoked in a spell to help a woman struggling to give birth (Borghouts, Ancient Egyptian Magical Texts [Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1978], p. 39), and this song pays homage to that. It can be used, in whole or in part, for self-purification, to evoke the conception and birth of Heru-sa-Aset, and/or to bring health and healing to mothers and children.

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