Come, Heru-wer!

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Come, Heru-wer!
© 2013 Natalie Baan

Come, Heru-wer, to the great occasion!
Come, Heru-wer — show Your face to our nation!
Come, Heru-wer! The Heb Wer has started.
Come, Heru-wer! Pour Your strength into our hearts!

Come, Heru-wer, majestic falcon!
Come, Heru-wer, sharp of beak, strong of talon!
Come, Heru-wer! Hear the people sing!
Come, Heru-wer — shelter us under Your wing!

Come, Heru-wer, gold like the sun!
Come, Heru-wer! Like the stars in their millions,
You shine on us, blessing all we do.
Bring us success — life, prosperity, and health too!

Come, Heru-wer! O, Heru-wer, come!
Come, Heru-wer! Heru-wer — be welcome!

Notes: Written in January 2013 for the Heb Wer festival. (If you change “The Heb Wer” to “Rekeh Wer,” you can sing it for that Heru festival instead.)


Song for Heru-wer

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Song for Heru-wer
© 2011 Natalie Baan

O Heru-wer on high,
great master of the sky,
with vigilance Your gaze protects our nation.
An end to all our pain
and justice in Your name —
You lift our hearts and lead us toward salvation.

Speckled Falcon, You are pure.
Everywhere You are is pure.
Heru-wer, Your ka is pure.
Heru-wer, may we be pure,
pure in thought and word and deed,
open hands for all in need.
As long as the sky endures,
Heru-wer, may we be pure!

Notes: Written in October 2010. The first four lines of the second verse are adapted from the Rite of the House of Morning from Edfu.


Bawy Song

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Bawy Song
© 2011 Natalie Baan

Lord of the storm,
lord of the sky,
awesome of form —
Your name is Bawy!

Set, Lord of Might,
great Heru-wer,
when You unite —
You are the Bawy!

Kopesh and spear,
enemies run,
when You are near —
protect us, Bawy!

Fierce in Your love,
show us the strength
that we all have —
challenge us, Bawy,
to face our truth, to make a stand!
O Two in One, balance and power are in Your hands.
O hear us, Bawy!

Notes: Written in the House of Netjer’s Bawy Year, honoring the unity of Heru-wer and Set (Regnal Year 15, 2007-2008).