January 8, 2013

Come, Heru-wer!

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Come, Heru-wer!
© 2013 Natalie Baan

Come, Heru-wer, to the great occasion!
Come, Heru-wer — show Your face to our nation!
Come, Heru-wer! The Heb Wer has started.
Come, Heru-wer! Pour Your strength into our hearts!

Come, Heru-wer, majestic falcon!
Come, Heru-wer, sharp of beak, strong of talon!
Come, Heru-wer! Hear the people sing!
Come, Heru-wer — shelter us under Your wing!

Come, Heru-wer, gold like the sun!
Come, Heru-wer! Like the stars in their millions,
You shine on us, blessing all we do.
Bring us success — life, prosperity, and health too!

Come, Heru-wer! O, Heru-wer, come!
Come, Heru-wer! Heru-wer — be welcome!

Notes: Written in January 2013 for the Heb Wer festival. (If you change “The Heb Wer” to “Rekeh Wer,” you can sing it for that Heru festival instead.)

January 28, 2011

Song for Heru-wer

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Song for Heru-wer
© 2011 Natalie Baan

O Heru-wer on high,
great master of the sky,
with vigilance Your gaze protects our nation.
An end to all our pain
and justice in Your name —
You lift our hearts and lead us toward salvation.

Speckled Falcon, You are pure.
Everywhere You are is pure.
Heru-wer, Your ka is pure.
Heru-wer, may we be pure,
pure in thought and word and deed,
open hands for all in need.
As long as the sky endures,
Heru-wer, may we be pure!

Notes: Written in October 2010. The first four lines of the second verse are adapted from the Rite of the House of Morning from Edfu.

January 17, 2011

Bawy Song

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Bawy Song
© 2011 Natalie Baan

Lord of the storm,
lord of the sky,
awesome of form —
Your name is Bawy!

Set, Lord of Might,
great Heru-wer,
when You unite —
You are the Bawy!

Kopesh and spear,
enemies run,
when You are near —
protect us, Bawy!

Fierce in Your love,
show us the strength
that we all have —
challenge us, Bawy,
to face our truth, to make a stand!
O Two in One, balance and power are in Your hands.
O hear us, Bawy!

Notes: Written in the House of Netjer’s Bawy Year, honoring the unity of Heru-wer and Set (Regnal Year 15, 2007-2008).