Lord of the Northern Sky

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Lord of the Northern Sky
© 2013 Natalie Baan

Lord of the Northern Sky,
wearing the crown of winter,
far to the south Ra’s Eye
is walking the road in Her season,
bringing the summer,
bringing the sun’s light.

When will You cease Your raging,
soldier of many battles?
Where is the end of fighting
when everything has been forgotten
except for the struggle,
the thunder and iron.

Look, here She comes, the Mistress of Joy,
bringing You sweetness, bringing You love.
Look, here She comes, Her hands full of pleasure.
Taste Her milk, close Your eyes.

Lord of the Northern Sky
for whom the whole world trembles,
let go the snow and ice,
lay down Your mighty scepter.
Lord of the Northern Sky,
dream of a desert wind.
Lie down and sleep for a while
until the new day.

And when You waken,
a thousand flowers bloom.

Notes: Written in March 2013 for the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis. This is based on an entirely personal, modern myth in which Set as the Lord of Winter must step aside when the once-wrathful Eye of Ra returns to the land with the waxing sunlight of spring — but it takes a little convincing. (“Lord of the Northern Sky” is, however, a traditional epithet.)

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