Hymn to Temu in His Barque

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Hymn to Temu in His Barque
© 2013 Natalie Baan

Hail to You, Temu, at your beautiful return,
radiant, mighty, and keen!
Sail across the sky, rowing with the sunshine,
until You reach the earth in peace.

Gods and humans come to you and bow their heads,
giving you praise and acclaim.
May Your lovely face look on us graciously
as we call out Your name, Temu,
as we call out Your name!

Notes: Completed in January 2013. This song is based on an ancient Kemetic hymn translated in T. George Allen, “Some Egyptian Sun Hymns,” Journal of Near Eastern Studies 8:4 (Oct. 1949), p. 355 (http://www.jstor.org/stable/542900?origin=JSTOR-pdf). The original text reads:

“Hail to thee, Atum, at these thy beautiful returnings, radiant, mighty, keen.
Thou crossest the sky, thou reachest the earth, in peace; thou rowest over the sky with the sunshine.
Gods and men come to thee bowing down; they give thee praise and acclaim.
May thy beautiful face be gracious to N.”

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