Heri-sha-ef, Lord of the Green

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Heri-sha-ef, Lord of the Green
© 2012 Natalie Baan

Heri-sha-ef, Lord of the Green!
Heri-sha-ef, under Your naret tree,
Heri-sha-ef, bringing the sun’s return,
lengthening days as the year turns!
Heri-sha-ef, Master of Spring!
Heri-sha-ef, give life to everything!
Heri-sha-ef, regal in Your command,
gentle of mien, smile on the land,
O Heri-sha-ef!

Notes: Written in January 2012 for the Feast of Heri-sha-ef (aka Heryshef; here I’m using the House of Netjer’s official spelling rather than the more commonly used one). The naret tree was possibly a sacred tree near His temple, perhaps a sycamore.

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