January 28, 2011

Hapy Love Song

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Hapy Love Song
© 2011 Natalie Baan

Hapy, great river,
come to me from Your source.
Hapy, from Khnum’s cave,
rising tonight.

Hapy, the floods come,
lifting the boats.
Gently You rock me
in Your arms tonight.

Comfort my lonely heart,
trembling in the darkness.
Reflect a million stars to light my dream.
Love knows no reason why.
Enough that it shares its brightness.
All that is good in life, You bring to me.

Hapy, sweet river,
flowers strewn on Your waves,
tenderly Your whisper
wakens me at dawn.

Ah, Hapy, the seasons,
how they come and go.
Hapy, send Your tide.
Wash me clean to greet the dawn.

Notes: Written in November 2010, in the season of Inundation. I’ve always had a thing for rivers….

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