January 28, 2011

Hymn to Khonsu-Heru

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Hymn to Khonsu-Heru
© 2011 Natalie Baan

Lord of the changing moon,
Exquisite God Khonsu,
Falcon feathered in white,
Rising across the night.

You are the child of promise,
You are the hope of life.
Master of joy and healing,
Bring us the waxing light,
make us whole.

Facing the sun
In the twilight —
Two eyes as one
In the horizon….

Notes: Written in December 2009. Khonsu-Heru, the syncretism of Khonsu and Heru, is referenced on a Ptolemaic gate at Karnak, as well as in Bubastis, where He’s identified as “master of joy” and one of the Seven Arrows of Bast. The last verse references the “opposition” of the sun and the moon, the moment on the day after the full moon when the rising moon and the setting sun balance on opposite horizons. It was seen as the transition of divine rulership from father to son: from Osiris to Heru, from Amun-Ra to Khonsu. (O. E. Kaper, “The Astronomical Ceiling of Deir el-Haggar in the Dakhleh Oasis,” The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, 81 (1995), 192.)

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