January 30, 2012

Mighty Bast, Send Your Arrows!

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Mighty Bast, Send Your Arrows!
© 2010 Natalie Baan

Great of love, living passionately,
rise in strength to slay anxiety.
When I’m afraid Your power sets me free.
Mighty Bast, send Your Arrows!

Nefertem, Your perfume comes to me.
Heru-hekenu, spread Your wings above me.
Khonsu-Heru, shining beautifully —
Mighty Bast, send Your Arrows!

Gracious Wadjet, come in peace for me.
Wenut, Eye of Ra, come joyfully.
Heryshef, crowned with majesty —
Mighty Bast, send Your Arrows!

Lift me up into the sunlight.
Walk with me by moon and starlight.
Teach me how to defeat my sorrows!
Send Your, send Your, send Your Arrows!
Mighty Bast, O You send Your Arrows!

Notes: Written in June 2010 for the Seven Arrows of Bast. Excellent heka against fear and depression.

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  1. Anxiety and Bast | cinnamonwarmth's Blog said,

    March 13, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    […] sang one of Shefytbasts songs to Bast, which I felt was so spot on that I cried when I read it. Bast send your mighty arrows. Then, I found a confidence Heka . It is in rev. Siudas Ancient Egyptian Prayer Book:: Hail to you […]

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